Spring Transformations
Awakened Mind Retreat and Workshop

Dear Friends,

Donna Bach and Gary Groesbeck invite you to join us for our weekend retreat and workshop being held at Art & Ruth Fichtenberg's community space in Sonoma. -- This is a special workshop offered at a cost discount for you; our HAI & Tantra community members.

On the weekend of April 8th - 9th we will be providing you with the atmosphere and quality of an Esalen Institute type workshop.

We have been providing these workshops for the last 3 years along with our friend Anna Wise. Anna is the author of "Awakening the Mind" and the "High Performance Mind", and has a private practice in Marin County. She has taught workshops at Esalen for years and we are certified in Awakened Mind training through her 2 year program.

~ Love and Blessings! Gary & Donna